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Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT) takes matters of privacy seriously, and operates the web site with a respect for privacy and a commitment to complying with legal obligations for protecting private information. information collected by AAT is subject to the privacy policy stated here. the terms of this policy specifically apply to AAT web site administration, payment processing, and other member or program operations.

private information (such as name, address, phone, e, and so forth) that is provided by individuals or by other parties is treated as private information. e mail and direct message communications are treated as private by AAT. posts on third-party networks that were presented in a semi-private or a public manner might however not be subject to this privacy policy protection.

private information might be obtained by AAT when you provide information to AAT that is designated as private with reference to this privacy policy. AAT might also obtain non-private information, information that is anonymous or generally non-identifiable (such as automatically compiled web traffic statistics that might concern network, browser type, pages viewed, keywords referred, and so forth) during the course of AAT program operations. information might also be subject to the privacy policies of third parties upstream or downstream of the web site. AAT strives to comply with the use policies of third-party networks linked from the web site. if information is personally identifiable, then the data is treated as private information to the extent that the information was not already posted in a semi-private or public manner. the privacy policies of third parties are however administered by them, and AAT is not responsible for the privacy policies of third parties.

AAT shall only collect or use private information in accordance with specific operational objectives subject to the AAT mission and Charter, this privacy policy, and the code of e quality. AAT shall use multiple methods for the protection of private information; however cannot be responsible for circumstances beyond its control.

AAT personnel and other authorized third-parties with access to membership or program information are bound by this policy. access to private information that may be collected by AAT is strictly subject to director-level authorization. the privacy policies of other organizations may also be considered for purposes relating to the use of private information by AAT. as a 501(c)(3) public charity registered with the US IRS, AAT may be required to disclose to the IRS the name of donors giving $1000 or more to AAT.

AAT will not share private information with any third party except as specifically authorized for a designated operational purpose by an AAT director, or if the information is otherwise required by operation or law. AAT will only authorize other parties for access to private information in accordance with this policy. AAT has not and will not sell or rent private information. changes to this policy will only be made with proper notice to the parties (that is, the members or other interested parties) affected, and the current rights to privacy will not be affected without the express permission or opt-in of the parties involved.

web site visitors making credit card payments to AAT via the PayPal web site are also protected by additional privacy standards designated to payors in the PayPal system.

submissions for AAT program materials are welcome from members and others, subject to the policies and discretion of AAT, including correspondence policies and this privacy policy. unsolicited submissions to AAT will not be considered for purchase or hire without prior editorial authorization. correspondence is considered private unless it is designated by sender as program material for public or semi-public distribution. prior to the use of any program material, AAT may require a party to certify that they are not a minor. in cases where a party is a minor, AAT may require a statement of parental permission prior to any use of material.

participation in discussions, groups, or pages moderated by AAT via third-party networks such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YahooGroups is considered semi-public. a forum moderator may however facilitate particular requests for privacy by forum participants by posting comments for them without identifying information.

if a party has a concern about any private information subject to this privacy policy, they may have an opportunity to review any pertinent AAT records. AAT may require verification of identity or authorization, and also reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee in certain cases.

restrictions on the use of private information per the privacy policy at ''

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