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Alliance for the Advancement of Technology is established for educational, scientific, and literary purposes. AAT has operated in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, with the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law, and with the Minnesota Nonprofit Corporations Act. AAT is also striving to accommodate accessibility of programs for international outreach.

AAT continues efforts to promote education about technology in general, and about particular topics such as the environment and metrication. Some of the primary activities of AAT are the publication of educational materials on the domain web site, from which a large selection of AAT publications are available at no charge. In addition to actively developing and using ICAS standards for uniform scales of calendar and clock, AAT is also organizing efforts to accommodate harmonization of ICAS standards with other standards systems. These are initiatives that have been actively addressed by the organization, with some very appropriate acknowledgements to the works of a large number of other organizations and individuals.

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system identifiersdatetime
Uniform CalendarUCUCN 12011 P09 Violet
Inter-Dial ClockIDCzone(UT)t408 tt900
'ICAS in use' can accommodate calendar and clock formatting 'for all people, for all time'.
day of yearD-o-YAD common year day039
Gregorian calendarGG2011 February 08 Tuesday
seconds, minutes, hoursSMHUT09:48:49
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