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organization of AAT

oversight of AAT

Alliance for the Advancement of Technology is established to operate in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, with the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law, and with the Minnesota Nonprofit Corporations Act. Prospective members, staffers, and other interested parties are invited to contact AAT for additional information.

A search is in process for the critical positions of an executive director, a fiscal director, and a communications director. Additional director positions can be developed subject to program interest and needs. Availability of paid directorial positions is subject to program funding and program demand.

Areas of responsibility for an executive director include recruitment and administration of AAT directors, and the general administration of AAT.

Areas of responsibility for a fiscal director include development and oversight of AAT finances, membership, and ICAS licensing.

Areas of responsibility for a communications director include development and oversight of various AAT media, and the coordination of related activities.

Interim programs manager Ronald L. Stone is strongly committed to continuing efforts to promote AAT mission values.

volunteer with AAT

Membership or volunteer activities can be structured to provide development of skills and experience. Internet access would be beneficial.

Membership is not required however is especially encouraged. Charter memberships are still available. AAT is a super environment for learning about ICAS metric time!

Positions are on a volunteer basis as AAT continues to grow. Availability of paid staff positions is subject to program funding and program demand. Volunteer service does not necessarily lead to employment in the event that one or more paid staff positions become available. Contact AAT for additional information about the organization, to apply for a position, or if you would like to develop or create a position.

AAT members or staffer volunteers shall conform to AAT policies in effect such as the aatideas terms of use, privacy policy, and code of e quality. AAT members or staffer volunteers should moreover be willing to be proactive about the proper use of 'ICAS in use' standards used by AAT.

AAT membership manager

A membership manager is sought to help develop interest in AAT programs. Areas of responsibility include processing memberships. Position may also be available at a director level.

AAT ICAS liaison or representative

An ICAS liaison or representative is sought to help develop and coordinate ICAS licenses with software developers, manufacturers, various media, and others. Position may also be available at a director level.

ICAS projects development

ICAS development positions can be organized in AAT or in other organizations. ICAS project analysts for particular organizations or industries are encouraged to coordinate information about ICAS projects with AAT to facilitate harmony among standards.

ICAS quality assurance analysts

Analysts are sought to apply, promote, and ensure conformance to AAT ICAS standards among developers and users of ICAS-related systems. May involve development of standards materials.

AAT public relations coordinator

A public relations coordinator is sought to help promote aatideas programs and to speak for AAT. Position may also be available at a director level.

freelance program content specialists

Freelance writers, technical correspondents, designers, illustrators, cartoonists, and photographers are sought to develop various kinds of program content for aatideas media.

some possible areas of focus






health and medicine

language and literacy




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