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your advertisement will also help to support the ambitious programming objectives of Alliance for the Advancement of Technology.


special introductory rate of two to the second power for one

Place an ad on an web page for one uniform month and get an extra page and an extra uniform month for free! (Or pick 4 web pages for one uniform month, subject to availability.)

ad typedimensionsLeaf ratePathway ratePremium rate
metHalf150 x 45 px (5 x 1.5 cm)$10$15$20
metLine300 x 45 px (10 x 1.5 cm)$20$30$40
metSquare120 x 120 px (4 x 4 cm)$20$30$40
metBan300 x 60 px (10 x 2 cm)$30$40$50
webBan468 x 60 px (15.6 x 2 cm)$30$40$50
metPanel630 x 210 px (21 x 7 cm)$50$75$100

Rates are priced in US dollars and are negotiable.


display samples

metHalf display

metLine display

metSquare display

metBan display

webBan display

webBan display

Ads in other sizes can also be placed.


guidelines for advertising on

Ad rates and web page placement are subject to spot availability and scheduling. AAT reserves rights to reserve the availability of ad space for particular pages. Area page ads may be grouped with other ads and content.

Clients agree to the use of an advertisement on the web site by AAT per the terms of an advertising agreement. Advertisements can be hyperlinked per client designation. An advertisement agreement may be modified in the course of an ad schedule with the approval of both parties; however advertising fee payments are nonrefundable after a schedule and placement are agreed upon by the client and AAT.

All advertisements and advertising fee payments are subject to AAT approval and acceptance. Ads should be consistent with the AAT mission and operational directives. AAT advertising programs and guidelines are subject to normal processing time and are also subject to change.

A particular fee should be specified for any payments. Payments may be made per methods of payment to AAT.

Advertisements should appear distinct from the other web page content. Ads may also be subject to style guidelines for advertisements. Additional file size and file format guidelines may apply for ads. Ad display samples are intended as a guide, other ad sizes can also be placed. Unless other arrangements are made, ad files are to be provided by client. If an ad file is to be hyperlinked from a client server, the client shall agree not to make changes to the file without AAT approval.

Cooperative advertising arrangements may be available without fee to nonprofit organizations of similar or other charitable purpose, subject to AAT approval.

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