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Alliance for the Advancement of Technology values quality in operation and programming. For purposes related to the use of e communications such as e mail, and for purposes related to web-site administration, AAT designates the aatideas code of e quality as an operational directive. This document serves as a 'no junk' and 'no fraud' guarantee from AAT to members and other interested parties.

All AAT operations, including third-party operations on behalf of AAT, are thus subject to conformance with the following terms of this organizational mandate:


conformance with privacy policy

All AAT operations, including web site administration and the use of other forms of electronic communication such as e mail, shall conform with the terms of the privacy policy.


conformance with quality mandates for e communications

AAT uses of e mail shall conform with the following quality mandates:


conformance with quality mandates for web site administration

AAT administration of domain web site documents shall conform with the following quality mandates:

(Other web quality initiatives concerning the design of web documents for accessibility may also be in effect, however are not considered as within the scope of these terms.)

(Other software quality issues relating to warranty or fitness for use are beyond the scope of these terms.)


conformance with quality mandates for computer and network system resources

Computer and network system resources include, but are not limited to: passwords, file systems, network systems, applications, communications protocols, and so forth. AAT administration and use of computer or network system resources shall conform with the following quality mandates:


third-party conformance with e quality mandates

AAT shall conduct business in a manner that ensures protection of private information and discourages the sending of junk or fraud mail, or the conduct of other abuses of computer and network system resources, that is, communications or activities that do not conform with these terms.

AAT shall not authorize any operations with third parties that do not abide by these terms when acting on behalf of AAT.

(Other mandates may also be in effect.)

e quality guarantee per code of e quality at ''

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