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AAT ICAS 3109 ✧ systemICAS term set

document note: this document is part of the Integrated Chronological Applications System (ICAS). Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT) provides ICAS standards documents subject to terms of use described in document AAT ICAS 9010. please refer to other key AAT ICAS standards documents accessible via the AAT ICAS web site at for important information about ICAS.

this document designates the AAT ICAS systemICAS term set.

table 3109.1 ✧ aaticas namespace of systemICAS

aaticas namespaceelement set
<aaticas:developer>AAT ICAS
<aaticas:local>English localization
<aaticas:metaCat>ICAS system set

table 3109.2 ✧ AAT ICAS systemICAS term set

Integrated Chronological Applications SystemsysICASIntegrated Chronological Applications SystemICAS0
New Calendar systemsysNCNew CalendarNC1100
New Calendar Day Notation systemsysNDNNew Calendar Day NotationNDN1110
Uniform Calendar systemsysUCUniform CalendarUC1200
Inter-Dial Clock systemsysIDCInter-Dial ClockIDC1300
Gregorian calendar systemsysGGregorian calendarG9200
Julian calendar systemsysJJulian calendarJ9210
Julian Dating systemsysJDJulian DatingJD9220
Second-Minute-Hour systemsysSMHSecond-Minute-HourSMH9300

top document updated:

system identifiersdatetime
Uniform CalendarUCUCN 12011 P09 Violet
Inter-Dial ClockIDCzone(UT)t408 tt900
'ICAS in use' can accommodate calendar and clock formatting 'for all people, for all time'.
day of yearD-o-YAD common year day039
Gregorian calendarGG2011 February 08 Tuesday
seconds, minutes, hoursSMHUT09:48:49
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